Checklist for Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) Application

This Checklist is to guide the athlete and their physician on the overall requirements for a TUE application that will allow the TUE Committee to assess whether the relevant ISTUE Criteria are met.

Please note that the completed TUE application form alone is not sufficient; supporting documents MUST be provided. A completed application and checklist DO NOT guarantee the granting of a TUE. Conversely, in some situations a legitimate application may not include every element on the checklist.

Application form included
            All handwritten information is legible and all sections are completed
All information is in a language accepted by ADO
Applying physician signed
Athlete signed
Medical report included
Medical history: symptoms, age at onset, course of disease, start of treatment; typical symptoms and complications (where applicable)
Findings on physical examination
Interpretation of symptoms, signs and test results by physician
Diagnosis based on current internationally accepted criteria
Substance prescribed, dosage, frequency, administration route
Evidence of follow-up/monitoring of athlete by physician
Diagnostic test results included (copies of originals or printouts)
Laboratory tests (where applicable)
Imaging or other test results (where applicable)
Additional information included
As per ADO specification