Results Management and Sanctions

The following athletes are currently serving periods of ineligibility consequent to Anti-Doping Rule Violations. Sanctions imposed by anti-doping organizations outside of the Caribbean are not included, unless those sanctions are expressly recognized by the member countries of the Caribbean RADO.

The Caribbean RADO takes this opportunity to indicate that the sanctions below are not final as there may be appeals sought by the athletes in particular cases.

The athletes listed are prohibited, during their period of ineligibility, from participating in any national, regional or international event or activity, other than authorised anti-doping education or rehabilitation programmes, recognised by their national sport federation, National Olympic Committee or National Anti-Doping Organization.

DALLAWAY RecardoVINRugby Union-SevensOOCAAF-bendroflumethiazide2015.04.194 months2015.05.282015.09.27
GREAVES AlanzoGUYCycling-RaodICTAAF-testosterone2015.11.0112 months2015.11.012016.11.01
MATTHEWS DarrenBARCycling-RoadICTAAF-clenbuterol; methylphenidate; testosterone2015.11.01/2015.11.064 years2015.12.152019.12.15
TAYLOR ChimereTRIBoxing-Boxing (75kg)OOCTAAF-furosemide2015.07.032 years2015.08.102017.08.10
TAPLIN BralonGRNAthletics- Sprint+A1:J14ICTEvasion- Article 2.32019.04.134 years2019.09.292023.09.28